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    In Memory of Raymond Briggs

    Raymond Briggs memorial

    Recently, I had the privilege of visiting the Story Museum in Oxford. It’s mostly for kids, but is an absolute treat if you’re nostalgic for your favourite children’s writers. Inside there is a room dedicated to Raymond Briggs’ classic ‘The Snowman’, where you sit in front of a 1980s television set and watch stills of the picture book. All of a sudden, the walls around you light up with the flying scene from the TV show, while ‘Walking in the Air’ plays from cinema surround speakers. It’s pure magic.  It was the kind of magic that so many British kids…

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  • Blogging Out Loud
    Blogging Out Loud

    My new writing space.

    I recently had the thought that in addition to creating writing pages and articles, I should keep a more casual blog on my website. Kind of like a writer’s diary. Over the past week, I have been completely revamping my…

  • Monthly Story Full Moon
    Short Stories

    February: The Snow Moon

    A young man is travelling home in a blizzard, when he encounters a beautiful, mysterious lady in the snowy woods... A special story for the February full moon.

  • Tanabata star festival
    Every Picture Tells A Story

    Every Picture: Tanabata

    This week’s picture was taken in Osaka, during the Tanabata light festival at Shitennoji Temple. Tanabata is one of my favourite festivals in Japan; it celebrates stars and light and has a romantic origin story. While I was writing this,…

  • Top 10 Fantasy Writing Prompts
    Top 10

    Top 10 Fantasy Writing Prompts

    A year ago, I started the Monthly Writing Theme to give inspiration to writers, teachers and students. I’ve even used them for my own writing and given them to my students, and I’ve really enjoyed reading the stories they’ve produced.…

  • Monthly Writing Theme August Celebrations
    Monthly Writing Theme

    Monthly Writing Theme: August Celebrations

    It's been one year since the beginning of the Monthly Writing Themes, so of course this month we're going to celebrate! Whether you're going to a festival, fireworks or celebrating a birthday or anniversary, you'll find something to inspire your…

  • Monthly Writing Theme

    Monthly Writing Theme: July

    Is it July already? Where is the year going? Camp NaNoWriMo has come around again and Twitter writers are polishing off their manuscripts in preparation for another #PitMad. For the monthly writing theme of July, we’re returning to camp for…

  • June Monthly Writing Theme Banner
    Monthly Writing Theme

    Monthly Writing Theme: June

    Are we really in June already? Where is the year going? I know most of us (especially those in education) are looking forward to the summer break, but for many it is already here. The sun is shining bright, the…