Monthly Writing Theme

Monthly Writing Theme: February

It feels like the year has barely begun and yet February is already upon us. No sooner have the tinsel and Christmas trees left the shelves than they are replaced by pink hearts, roses red and cheesy Hallmark cards declaring undying love. Whether you’re doing Valentine’s Day single or with a special someone, you’ll definitely need some writing inspiration for the most romantic time of year. 

Roses are red...

In Greek mythology, Aphrodite’s favourite flower was the red rose. Every year hopeless romantics gift their soulmates one of these blooms and the flower has become so popular that roughly 250 million of them are sold every Valentine’s Day. I wonder how the roses feel about all this attention…?

Valentine's Prompt 1

Internet Dating

These days it’s easier than ever to meet new people from all over the world and it seems there are more dating sites and apps than you can shake a stick at. So why is is still so hard to find that “special someone”?

The Dating Genie

Let’s be honest – we’ve all wished at some point for a magic wand to wave and create the perfect partner for us. Well, what if there was an app for that?

When real life can’t produce, there’s always writing!

Happy Valentine’s Day! 


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