Monthly Writing Theme

Monthly Writing Theme: May

2024 is sweeping past at a brisk pace and we’re already in May. The May Monthly Writing Theme has a look at this idea of time and also some of the beautiful natural and celestial events we have to look forward to. 

Inspiration for this month's theme

Here in the UK, spring has been very slow to arrive this year. After a miserable, wet April, we finally have a bit of sunshine and a Saharan heatwave on the horizon. As a result, the blossoms were late and we’re only now getting the chance to enjoy them in full bloom. Cherry blossoms, apple blossoms, magnolia: all are on full, stunning display. 

Not only that, but the end of April was very exciting up in the heavens – the Northern Lights were visible across the UK for a few short nights and a lucky few were able to snap some beautiful shots. Sounds like a perfect time for romance, if you ask me!

May Monthly Writing Theme Moon

Mankind has looked to the moon for centuries. Some have called it the source of insanity, others with werewolves and other mythical monsters. But you can’t deny there is something deeply romantic about a full moon night. And when you make that moon pink…. 

May Monthly Writing Theme Cherry Blossom

In Japan, cherry blossoms are synonymous with the arrival of spring. Sakura viewing is a popular spring pastime. They are loved for their beauty and cherished for the short time they bloom for. So I couldn’t resist putting a bit of a magical spin on these previous pink blooms. 

May Monthly Writing Theme falling stars

As I said, time is flying by these days. Amazingly fast, considering the year we’ve just survived. That being said, this story prompt probably hits close to home for those of use who had been stuck indoors day in and out since 2020.

And a bonus! Because I was especially inspired this month…. 

May Monthly Writing Theme fortune

And there you are! Four writing prompts for the month of May. If you are inspired to write from any of these, please share your short stories in the comments or @tonimoth. 

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