Short Stories

  • February: The Snow Moon

    February: The Snow Moon

    A young man is travelling home in a blizzard, when he encounters a beautiful, mysterious lady in the snowy woods… A special story for the February full moon.

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  • The Whispering Tree

    The Whispering Tree

    In a cold, empty field stands a lonely tree, a tree with ancient secrets. If ten-year-old Maisie gets close enough, it might whisper its secrets to her. Or it might do something much worse…

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  • Camp NaNoWriMo 2020

    Well, I’m doing it again. This year, with everything else grinding painfully to a halt, I have never been more grateful to have NaNoWriMo and a proper writing project to distract me. Especially since I am now starting to feel the effects of having spent three months stuck inside. When the lockdown first started, I thought I would be fine. I’m an introvert and very comfortable with sitting at home reading a book or playing video games for hours at a time. I thought I would continue to be mentally healthy, keeping contact with family and coworkers, encouraging my students

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