Monthly Writing Theme

  • Monthly Writing Theme

    Monthly Writing Theme for September

    It’s the first day of September and you know what that means… back to school! (Parents: Hooray! Kids: Boo! Teachers: What already? Sigh, okay let’s do this). This year is a little different, however. Although it varies from country to country, here in the UK it has been five months since we were last in the classroom. Since the end of March we’ve mostly been sitting in front of computer screens to teach and learn and there’s definitely some anxiety floating around about returning to school after so long, not least because the “rona” hasn’t completely gone away yet. Nonetheless, kids and teachers are chomping at the bit and most…

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    Monthly Writing Theme

    Introducing the Monthly Writing Theme

    Part of my job as an English teacher is to think up themes and prompts that students can use as a focus for creative writing lessons. I’ve used the odd prompt myself over the years when I’ve been struggling to get the creative juices flowing, but I’ve never really gotten into the habit of using them regularly. But I’ve seen first hand how it gets my students into creative writing, builds up their stamina and encourages them to try ideas and techniques they wouldn’t normally use, so why shouldn’t I be doing the same myself? Starting this month, I’m going to craft a series of prompts built around a particular…

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