• Short Stories

    The Whispering Tree

    In a cold, empty field stands a lonely tree, a tree with ancient secrets. If ten-year-old Maisie gets close enough, it might whisper its secrets to her. Or it might do something much worse...

  • Matushima Tokohu
    Every Picture Tells A Story

    Every Picture: Matsushima Bay

    Welcome to the first in my 'Every Picture Tells A Story' series. I’ve travelled a lot and taken a lot of pictures of wonderful things. Why not turn those pictures into stories? Every week I’ll be sharing one of my…

  • Short Stories,  Writing Challenges

    Camp NaNoWriMo 2020

    Well, I’m doing it again. This year, with everything else grinding painfully to a halt, I have never been more grateful to have NaNoWriMo and a proper writing project to distract me. Especially since I am now starting to feel…

  • Short Stories

    Lavender Bags

    What would you do if you saw a tiny girl walking through town by herself? Leave her alone? Or ask where she's going, with her little bag of lavender?