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NaNoWriMo helps me stay busy during self-isolation

These are tough times. Brexit has been put on the back burner to make way for a surprisingly more worrying issue. The streets are almost empty, people are asking each other to take a step back in the supermarkets and most concerning of all…. my neighbour has stopped throwing loud late-night parties.

I’ve been self-isolating for going on 5 days now. I’ve only been to the supermarket once and am exercising first thing in the morning when most people are still in bed. The peace and quiet has been almost blissful in comparison to the chaotic weekdays I usually have. But I’m still struggling to adapt and finding ways to fill my days.

Then this morning I wake up to a tweet from NaNoWriMo, linking to a bunch of daily activities to keep you occupied.

In the name of staying sane (and stopping occasional rhyming in my speech – yes it’s gotten that bad) I will be trying these out and flexing my creative muscles with some new short stories. If you want more info, head to

Watch this space!